Shanghai Fuzhenlun Technology Co., Ltd.
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The Laser Division of Shanghai Fuzhenlun Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the world's most advanced industrial design concepts and rigorous manufacturing processes, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of industrial laser equipment. The perfect combination of advanced energy-saving technology and modern production makes our products have The company is headquartered in Shanghai Nanxiang Industrial Development Zone, with the highest quality and is widely used in different fields. With strong scientific and technological strength and advanced production equipment, it continuously introduces high-tech new products. Products are widely used in mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, Advertising signs, sheet metal production, precision parts, auto parts, digital products, glasses production, craft gifts, hardware products, electronic components and other industries.

We strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system and run through the entire process of product design, manufacturing, testing, sales and service. We always adhere to the global optimal procurement strategy, and insist on selecting the most advanced components in the industry today to ensure the excellent performance of each laser equipment. We insist on providing customers with excellent quality products. In order to continuously research and develop new technologies and introduce new varieties, the company invests profits in product development every year. We believe in the 20% service philosophy of "integrity, enthusiasm, standardization, and rigor", strict working standards, and excellent product quality. Customer satisfaction rate is our eternal pursuit.